Monday, March 31, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 58:

“Docking in…” Lieutenant Commander Sinkh announced “5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1 …”

The station shuddered ever so slightly as the massive ship docked and locked clamps.

“Connection of data lines complete.” Ensign Zhou announced. “Confirming cargo transfer schedule.”

“Fuel lines connected and secured.” Lt. Vick stated.

“Very well, tell the crews to prepare for transfer.  We want to get this done smoothly.” Commander Johnson checked the transfer schedule. “Make sure those empty cargo containers are all lined up and everyone knows the rotation.”

“Should I inform the Captain?” Lt. Commander Sinkh inquired.

“No Need.” Captain Calhoun stated as he closed the airlock door. “As you were.”

“Captain!?!” was the universal response in the compartment.

“Commander Johnson,” The captain moved toward the central command console “I believe you need to prepare for a briefing.”

“Yes Sir.” He responded “Are you sure you don’t…”

“I’m absolutely certain.” The captain cut off the commander “I have full confidence in your ability to handle it.”

“And he doesn’t want to deal with it.” Ensign Zhou mumbled.

“Ensign!” The captain sternly barked.  Then he lightened up and smiled “Rank has its privileges.” He chuckled.

The entire compartment got a minor laugh from that.

“Alright people,” The captain settled into his control console “Let’s get this cargo operation underway!”

“Aye Sir!” The compartment resounded happily.

“Captain,” Lt. Commander Sinkh announced “Captain Grind wants to remind you that you owe him a drink.”

“Tell him to mosey on over and we’ll have that drink.” The captain chuckled.

After a minute or so Lt. Commander Sinkh looked up “He said he’s on his way, take a look.” He switched the main display to the observation camera focused on boom 2.  Captain Grind was walking along the docking boom in his space suit carrying a small case.

“Well I’ll be damned!” The captain shook his head “Alright, obviously I’m going to have to meet him at the airlock.  Commander Sinkh, you have the con.” He released himself from his console and floated toward the airlock.

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