Sunday, October 19, 2008

Manly man weekend

My boy needed to spend some time driving under the expert tutilage of his father toward erning his drivers license. So I had him drive the pickup truck down to the Home Depot where we bought Lumber. Manly man Lumber. 2 x 4 studs and sheets of plywood. I learned my boy the difference in how the pickup truck handles empty versus full on the trip back to Monroe. In Monroe I skillfully directed my boy to drive around in the parking lot in front of Ben Franklin at 1:00 in the afternoon on Saturday. My boy performed these skills perfectly due to superior lineage and expert instruction. After a brief stop we were back out on the road toward home. My boy’s driving skills notably improved during the trip, no doubt due to my son’s superior intellect and my instruction. Once home I instructed my son on the use of the Skill saw and put him to work cutting up the lumber to precise dimensions. This is to be a glorious day for a testosterone recharge, and for that you have to do real man stuff. And real men build stuff. So we were going to build stuff. My son followed instructions properly even to the point of delivering what I asked for, mistakes and all. But those were my mistakes and that’s OK, because real men make mistakes and aren’t afraid to admit it. Real men learn from their mistakes and need them to improve themselves, as real men are always doing. I assembled the lumber into a storage cabinet. Not just any storage cabinet, but one in my workshop to hold manly things. A cabinet to hold and organize gun stuff. I instructed my boy in the proper form for cleaning up and properly storing the tools. My boy performed well enough to earn himself a beer. I set up the fire pit and the wife cooked manly food over the open fire. Rainbow Trout and potatoes. While the wife was cooking our dinner I had a father –son talk with my boy about the care and cleaning of self and the instructions on staying clean and healthy when playing about. I also provided guidance that some things are just not worth doing at some times. With the outstanding manly meal one of the finer things in life, I served up a perfectly selected wine to compliment our food. Real men enjoy the finer mixtures and pleasures of life. For after dinner entertainment I selected episodes from “The Muppet Show” . Sunday morning broght the realization that another day such as the one before might put me in danger of testosterone poisoning, The Number One cause of american male death. I needed to ease up, so I allowed the boy a day of rest. I put myself about the finish work on the cabinet and stocking it. Real men organize their dangerous toys so as to maximize the logevity of their own lives. Dinner for Sunday, pork roasd and corn roasted on an open fire. Manly Food. A great weekend to be a man.

The Plans

Saturday, March 15, 2008

On Public Libraries

I like public libraries. They are one of the very few services I do not mind paying taxes to support. In fact they along with the millitary, police, fire departments and hospitals are the only other services I happily support.

I despise public schools, along with the compulsion for children to be indoctronated by those most vile institutions. But that is the subject of another rant...

Public libraries are an entirely different thing. They are an exquisite example of a government service for the public good. They are a resource available to those who wish to better themselves regardless of means. The cost to individual taxpayers is miniscule. They are not compulsory, in that no one is forced to go to them. They provide resouces equally to all persons regardless of class, position, or stature.

Public libraries are indeed the truest form of government of the people, by the people, FOR the people. Those that wish to better themselves have a place to learn how and people (librarians) that will gladly help them help themselves. This is indeed the greatest spirit in which our (once) great country was founded. We are all better when any one of us, group of us, and/or all of us betters ourselves. And we each better all of us when we step up to help any one of us, group of us, or all of us to better ourselves.

None of us are perfect. Our nation is not perfect. We are striving to make "a more perfect union". That is our strength. We do not always succeed, but so long as we learn from our mistakes, we succeed in the long run.

Making available all available knowledge to all people, regardless of means, is a success unto itself. This is truly the hallmark of civilization.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Maybe not completely useless

I stumbled across this one, answered completly honestly and ...

What military aircraft are you?

A-10 Thunderbolt II

You are an A-10. You may not be the prettiest or swiftest, but you're tough as nails, and everyone knows not to mess with you!

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I ended up being my absolute favorite aircraft of all time!
Believe it or not.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Fun and Games

These things are cute.
Useless, but cute.

Go forth and SIN!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shame On Us

A couple of years before I was born our country stood at the brink of something great. We were at the tipping point whereby we could eradicate racism, and likely bigotry in general, from our society. Then a horrible thing happened. We institutionalized it. And we patted ourselves on the back for it.

Program after program, initiative after initiative, agency after agency were created to allow the force of government to root out racism and punish the perpetrators. This expanded over time to include other victims of bigotry and as the power grew, so did the smugness that we were oh-so-good.

We had to prove to ourselves that we were indeed stopping bigotry, so we had to categorize people and track how well we were integrating the oppressed ones. Every person was categorized in every possible way in order to put them in the smallest little bucket possible, labeled appropriately, and tracked for what was believed to be progress.

The result is absolute dehumanization of every single person everywhere. People are now nothing but labels. The most important labels are the ones the people themselves have absolutely no control over: skin color, sex, ancestry, place of birth, height, etc. But that is not enough, NOOOO, people also must be categorized by religion, career choice, fitness condition, ideology, etc. The result is the ultimate form of institutionalized industrial strength bigotry: Multiculturalism.

The marketing science of multiculturalism is called Demographics, and is no less evil.

Human genome research has thoroughly debunked the idea that there are distinct races within the human race. There is but one human race. Anyone who identifies themselves, or even believes that they are any race other than human is, by definition, a racist. And we all do it to some degree or another.

Shame on us!

I’m not pointing fingers at anyone else since I am just as guilty as the next person.

Shame on me!

Anyone who answers a survey question about race that answers anything other than Human, or possibly Prefer Not To Answer, is engaging in and encouraging racism. By definition.

The government mandates that all companies track and answer for their employee core demographics. The core demographics being the things that people themselves have no control over such as the choice of their parents.

How did the institutionalization of such absolute evil happen?

An ancient text I read stated that the road to a very bad place, that we really don’t want to go to, is paved with good intentions. Alas, we are now in a really bad place that we really don’t want to be. And we got here through good intentions. And we pat ourselves on the back for it.

Shame on us.

We are now further away from Dr. Kings “Dream” than we were the day I was born.

Even the above statement, that reduces the life work, nay, souls work to a single “Dream” is the result of the dehumanization caused by the abomination Multiculturalism.

Shame on us.

Happy Birthday Dr. King. May god rest your soul, and may you forgive us for disrespecting you and denying humanity of the greatness we might have achieved thanks to you.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Law and Morality

The law of kings cannot improve the morality of men, but it can deprive men of morality.

I read that somewhere...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stage Fright

I am probably one of the most opinionated a$$h0l3z in the world. While I am certainly not THE most (there will be a later post on who I think is, or at least an annual award for it...), I am far above average. I have never, Ever, EVER hesitated to give my opinion on ANY subject when asked, seldom hesitated when not asked, and often am the fool blathering on when wise men would not only have bitten their tounges off but shipped them halfway around the world just in case.

I have never hesitated to go on any stage, in any role including formal subject speaking, in front of anybody, wearing anything or nothing, under any circumstance, ever. Not even once. That just isn't me.

I also flunked a high school English class. Twice. But that is probably apparent from the above para... what's that thing called?

And therin lies the rub. While I can blather on endlessly about many things, I don't write good. My command of my "native" language is ... to be blunt ... pathetic. I put the term 'native' in quotes because I only speak, read and/or write one language and poorly at that. But then again I did attend public school so it is a minor miracle that I can speak, read and/or write at all...

So here I am, with enough opinions to crash Google's servers, and I'm having a really hard time comitting to writing about something. There isn't even anybody that will read what I write, let alone insult me for it!

What an odd sort of psychological ... whatever it's called ... that is. Fascinating . I might just have to ask the Sanity Squad about that.

I might have to go a little easier on my son for not even trying out for the school play. Nah, that would be bad parenting ;)

But it will work. I'll write something. Eventually I'm sure I'll write about it all! I might even attract some pet Trolls(tm). That would be really neat, to have my own personal fan club to validate my ego! I despise suck ups, but people that insult, denigrate, belittle, demonize, and generally focus their insane raging hatred upon me make me really feel good about myself. It means I must be doing something right!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

An Interesting Endeavour

I have been reading blogs for quite a while now. I do believe I understand the premise, the concept, and the whole overall idea encompasing the Blog-O-Sphere. As such, I figure that since I have a pulse, an opinion, and a ... umm ... well let's just confirm the fact I poop ... I figure that I am at least as qualified as the others out there I have seen to try this whole thing out.

Why not?

(That's a rhetorical question. When I want your feedback I'll give it to you ... er ... ask for it)

In the mean time, I have to think of something to say...