Sunday, January 13, 2008

Stage Fright

I am probably one of the most opinionated a$$h0l3z in the world. While I am certainly not THE most (there will be a later post on who I think is, or at least an annual award for it...), I am far above average. I have never, Ever, EVER hesitated to give my opinion on ANY subject when asked, seldom hesitated when not asked, and often am the fool blathering on when wise men would not only have bitten their tounges off but shipped them halfway around the world just in case.

I have never hesitated to go on any stage, in any role including formal subject speaking, in front of anybody, wearing anything or nothing, under any circumstance, ever. Not even once. That just isn't me.

I also flunked a high school English class. Twice. But that is probably apparent from the above para... what's that thing called?

And therin lies the rub. While I can blather on endlessly about many things, I don't write good. My command of my "native" language is ... to be blunt ... pathetic. I put the term 'native' in quotes because I only speak, read and/or write one language and poorly at that. But then again I did attend public school so it is a minor miracle that I can speak, read and/or write at all...

So here I am, with enough opinions to crash Google's servers, and I'm having a really hard time comitting to writing about something. There isn't even anybody that will read what I write, let alone insult me for it!

What an odd sort of psychological ... whatever it's called ... that is. Fascinating . I might just have to ask the Sanity Squad about that.

I might have to go a little easier on my son for not even trying out for the school play. Nah, that would be bad parenting ;)

But it will work. I'll write something. Eventually I'm sure I'll write about it all! I might even attract some pet Trolls(tm). That would be really neat, to have my own personal fan club to validate my ego! I despise suck ups, but people that insult, denigrate, belittle, demonize, and generally focus their insane raging hatred upon me make me really feel good about myself. It means I must be doing something right!

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