Tuesday, May 12, 2009

God love Alan Keyes

Alan Keyes and a group of pro-life patriots were arrested protesting Notre Dame (a noted Catholic school) honoring Barak Obama who not only suports but promotes abortion. Some people are getting the word out though.
Alan Keyes is a nut, but he is my kind of nut. I disagree with him in some areas but I agree with him in more. One thing you have to give him, the man does live his principles. He leads by example and reaches out to show people how to be good people. God love him.

Last weekend he gathered up a bunch of like-minded, peaceable people who oppose abortion to go protest at Notre Dame. They were protesting the, theoretically, Catholic institution giving honors to Barak Obama. The Catholic church vehemently opposes abortion. Barak Obama not only supports, but promotes and steals money from the US population to fund, abortion not only here but abroad. How ever on earth can a Catholic institution honor a person that has such an obvious disdain for human life. That beats the twinkies out of me!

So here is where we enter bizzarro land. Notre Dame had Mr. Keyes and his group arrested and sent to JAIL for having the audacity to tell the school to uphold its own, theoretically at least, principles that it had decided to ignore. If The Pope isn't spitting bullets by now, it is just because the story hasn't been translated for him yet.

Here is the video of the arrest:

And here is video of Jason Bermas on Alex Jones Tv talking to Randall Terry about the incident:

If you find this stifling of free speech as apalling as I do, then go contribute to Stop Obama at Notre Dame And if you agree with Alan Keyes, double the ammount you were thinking of giving them.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What we do for our children

I hate parades. The crowds, the standing around, the cheesy floats, the grandstanding politicians, the NOISE! Not to mention shutting down the section of town they are in, and causing traffic problems everywhere else. Ugh! I detest them.

My children, they are barely children at this point, are both in the marching band in their high school. This is one of the top marching bands in the state, they routinely win band competitions all over the state. This band is going to be playing in the Olympics next year. This band is run by an exceptionally good instructor, conductor, and all around person. The involvement with the band is an extremely positive factor in their lives.

Marching bands play in parades. Part and parcel of the whole gig.

Last Saturday was a parade in Wenatchee, WA where my kids were marching and competing against other bands. Wenatchee is just under two hours away from the house, a lot closer than some of the competitions. And apparently the "Apple Blossom Festival" (I think that is what it is called) is a pretty bigh deal in their world. It is also a farm town, and I like farm town folks.

So my wife (who has no issues with parades) and I jumped in the car and drove over the Cascades to attend. It was pretty neat to see the band marching and to be able to compare them to the other bands I saw. Unfortunately my daughter is having some issues with marching in the band uniform boots and her ankle gave out before they got to where we were watching so I missed her. But here is a picture, from my cell phone because I forgot the camera, of my son caryying the Washington State flag.

So it was good to go show them support. They both appreciated it. It wasn't all that bad and my wife and I had a quiet lunch together, just the two of us, on the way back. This is one of the little things we do to support our kids. Family is important.