Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The forces of evil are at it again still

I’ve been away a while since I was feeling uninspired to write, but I can no longer be silent. The race baiters / liberals / progressives are going crazy over the George Zimmerman trial verdict. They got exactly what they wanted and will be able to use it to fire up race riots, incalculable property damage and endless violence. The (in)Justice Department will use this to strip (white) people of the ability to defend themselves, promote violence among black people and push gun control. The Democrats will use it to fire up minorities to vote for them and give up even more rights and more quality of life. The anti-American media is screaming about how horrible a country we are in and demanding that all freedom and quality of life be eliminated. The New Black Panthers are demanding that all white people be killed, but then they always are so nothing has changed here.

The facts don’t matter to the forces of evil. They will distort, contort, misrepresent and pervert anything they can in order to push their agenda to destroy the greatest nation on earth and burn it to the ground. They will forever be dividing people and stirring up hatred between different groups in order to promote violence and destruction. The entire point is to cause the government to lock the country down in an absolute totalitarian police state with no freedom, no quality of life, no possibility of anything other than misery, pain and suffering, with no hope at all. They will not rest until this country is a prison, and they will continue to stir up hatred and violence even after that. The forces of evil hate freedom. They hate the idea that a single peasant would have a single choice in their own life. They passed a law that proclaims that the federal government has dominion over all of the peasants bodies. The peasants are property of the government for bureaucrats to toy with as pleases them. The bureaucrats will decide what is done to the peasant’s body and the peasant has no choice.

The forces of evil will viciously attack anyone that stands for the United States Constitution, the rule of law, the concept of hard work and personal responsibility, real education and prosperity. Anyone that acknowledges that people are different, have different abilities and different interests, therefore will have different outcomes, is pilloried and demonized as being greedy and selfish. (Nevermind that the ones claiming they have rights to someone else’s life and labor are the true greedy ones.) Anyone that says that culture matters and that some cultures are better than others, and some cultures are outright evil, will receive endless streams of hate and derision and occasionally violent reactions.

And it will never end. Evil is as evil does, and it will always be with us. Even when Jesus returns it will still exist, it will just be separated from the forgiven. You have a choice. The text is available. Which side are you on? Free will or tyranny? Good or evil?