Friday, November 27, 2009

How about that global warming?

The blogosphere, at least the intellectually honest portion of it, is all a-twitter about the leaked emails from the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit and the revelation that the so called scientists have been tampering with data, manipulating models, and outright lying about climate change and the causes thereof. While that is a very interesting story, there is a much larger and more insidious one.

The larger story is not really that greedy politicians latched on to the "science" to grab power either. The real story is the complicity of the media and the willingness of the sheeple to believe the lies. A large segment of the population in the "Western World" are completely incapable of critical thinking, once the cornerstone of our institutions of higher education. How did this happen?
The short answer is that our education system was infiltrated and corrupted by people who thought themselves so superior to the peasants that they should have the right to tell everyone else how to live. But that answer is not actually correct because of a few important assumptions it is based on.

The fundamental assumption in the above answer is that the education system was "infiltrated". Nothing could be further from the truth. The very concept of "education" was invented by people who thought they knew better than everyone else. This isn't nessisarily a bad thing since it is arguable that everyone knows something better than someone else, but it is a path to egalitarian arrogance. And that is where we find ourselves, especially in the more prestigious institutions of higher indoctrination we have today.

Egalitarian arrogance is not just limited to Princeton and Harvard and Cambridge though, it permeates the education system all the way down to our local elementary schools these days. From there, it moves out into the general population generationally. What we have ended up with is an "education" system that is nothing more than a socialist indoctrination system that turns out good little slaves that believe what the media and the "leaders" tell them without ever questionining it. They dutifully believe that they have to be told by their betters, everything they should do in their lives and everything they should think.

This, of course, doesn't happen to every child, but it does happen to a large section of them. And it is worse in large population centers than it is in more rural ones. I could speculate on a large number of reasons why this occurs, but it is sufficient to say that it does. This is one of the reasons that large population centers gravitate toward socialist "leaders" and believe that the subsequent suffering and decline that inevitibly happens is the fault of someone else.

We have always had egalitarians, and unfortunately we always will. Most of the founders of the United States of America qualified as such. That is why they kept the tradition that only landowners could actually vote, the commoners could not. This was the case up until the passage of the 14th ammendment to the US Constitution which opened up voting and office holding privileges to common men, and it wasn't until the passage of the 19th ammendment that women were allowed to vote and hold office, and even then the voting age was generally 21 although some states allowed for lower ages. That changed with the 26th ammendment which set the voting age at 18 throughout the country. I'm not certain that was an improvement, but at least it made the right uniformly applied.

What was different about our founders from today is that they had enough humility to recognize their own arrogance, and took steps to limit the negative effects. This is one of the reasons the US Constitution was written to be limitations on the government, not a document that grants rights to the people. This concept has been completely reversed by the tyrants of the last century but had started longer ago than that.

The tyrants didn't come from nowhere, they came from our institutions of learning, that were indoctrinated to believe they were better than everyone else. The institutions became self fulfilling feedback loops where every generation of professers believed themselves to be better and smarter than the previous generation, and produced students that thoguhgt even higher of themselves. What we have now is a whole bunch of people that are absolutely incapable of intellectually accepting ever making an error, indoctrinated with philosophies that have failed every time they have been imposed. We have generations of people that are only capable of being indoctrinated, they are incapable of actual learning.

The result is predictable: We keep seeing the same errors of the past being repeated and it is just accepted as inevitible. I guess it is given the nature of the socialist indoctrination.

We don't just see this in government, which would be bad enough by itself. We see this in the corporate world too. Enron was not an anomoly, it was the rule. We saw the same type of bad judgement in Worldcom, and Fannie Maye, and AGI, and in GM and ... you get the picture. We are seeing this same egalitarian arrogance at all levels of management, in all industries and in government. They are all being run by people that cannot admit, at any level, to ever being wrong. That means they are incapable of actually learning or ever improving. If allowed to run their course they will not only destroy our economy, but civilization itself.

The real question, is how do we fix it? I don't have that answer, but I know someone who does. It must be time to get on my knees and talk to him, how about you?