Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Shame On Us

A couple of years before I was born our country stood at the brink of something great. We were at the tipping point whereby we could eradicate racism, and likely bigotry in general, from our society. Then a horrible thing happened. We institutionalized it. And we patted ourselves on the back for it.

Program after program, initiative after initiative, agency after agency were created to allow the force of government to root out racism and punish the perpetrators. This expanded over time to include other victims of bigotry and as the power grew, so did the smugness that we were oh-so-good.

We had to prove to ourselves that we were indeed stopping bigotry, so we had to categorize people and track how well we were integrating the oppressed ones. Every person was categorized in every possible way in order to put them in the smallest little bucket possible, labeled appropriately, and tracked for what was believed to be progress.

The result is absolute dehumanization of every single person everywhere. People are now nothing but labels. The most important labels are the ones the people themselves have absolutely no control over: skin color, sex, ancestry, place of birth, height, etc. But that is not enough, NOOOO, people also must be categorized by religion, career choice, fitness condition, ideology, etc. The result is the ultimate form of institutionalized industrial strength bigotry: Multiculturalism.

The marketing science of multiculturalism is called Demographics, and is no less evil.

Human genome research has thoroughly debunked the idea that there are distinct races within the human race. There is but one human race. Anyone who identifies themselves, or even believes that they are any race other than human is, by definition, a racist. And we all do it to some degree or another.

Shame on us!

I’m not pointing fingers at anyone else since I am just as guilty as the next person.

Shame on me!

Anyone who answers a survey question about race that answers anything other than Human, or possibly Prefer Not To Answer, is engaging in and encouraging racism. By definition.

The government mandates that all companies track and answer for their employee core demographics. The core demographics being the things that people themselves have no control over such as the choice of their parents.

How did the institutionalization of such absolute evil happen?

An ancient text I read stated that the road to a very bad place, that we really don’t want to go to, is paved with good intentions. Alas, we are now in a really bad place that we really don’t want to be. And we got here through good intentions. And we pat ourselves on the back for it.

Shame on us.

We are now further away from Dr. Kings “Dream” than we were the day I was born.

Even the above statement, that reduces the life work, nay, souls work to a single “Dream” is the result of the dehumanization caused by the abomination Multiculturalism.

Shame on us.

Happy Birthday Dr. King. May god rest your soul, and may you forgive us for disrespecting you and denying humanity of the greatness we might have achieved thanks to you.

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