Friday, March 14, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 42:

“Sam, take a look at this.” Tim punched up the overhead image from the probe on the hologram “Doesn’t that marking look like a docking target?”

She looked up, spun around slowly and floated up and around the image. “Sure does.” She drifted around a little bit “How big is that gravitational anomaly?”

“Roughly the size of those markings.”

“Hmmm.” She looked over it a bit more “Where is the pad that vaporized that surveyor?”

“Right here.” He lit up the spot on the hologram.

“It’s right in line with those markings.” She floated through the hologram to her console “Wanna bet there is another one on the other end of it?”

“You mean right about…” he punched some buttons lighting up a ring “here?”

“Exactly.” She turned back to her console “Let me get a team to that zone.”

“Don’t forget to tell them to be careful about those pads.” He reminded her.

“Already part of the plan.” She reassured him.

“Do we have anything out there that can analyze what is going on with those contact pads?” Tim looked up to the hologram.

“You mean like a voltmeter?” Sam was concentrating.

“I mean like a logic analyzer, a voltmeter, a signal generator and a digital interface with very high impedance.” He punched up the video of the surveyors last moments “With 6 probes and a way to lock on to that mount point.”

“You don’t want much.” Sam said sarcastically.

“I try to be easy.” He smiled over to Sam.

“I’m sure Captain Stewart would agree.” She jabbed, smiling back at him.

“Look who’s talking.” They blew kisses at one another.

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