Monday, March 17, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 45:

“Captain,” Lt. Commander Sinkh reported “The tractor shuttle is departing bay 3.”

“Very well.” The captain responded “Has the probe mapped out the gravity anomaly on the target yet?”

“Yes sir, it just completed the mapping.” The commander said while studying his console.

“Good.” He checked a few things “When is the mining shift change?”

The commander punched up the schedule and studied it for a minute “They just started departing. The first transports will be arriving in around 45 minutes.”

“That sounds about right.” He looked out the view port and watched the shuttle depart “Inform the crews the pilots need to be at the de-briefing as well.”  He looked down to check the departure schedule “Inform the next shift the pre-launch briefing will be in 90 minutes and the new pilots will need to be there as well.”

“Aye, sir.” the commander started sending the notifications out.

“Ensign,” The captain looked in her direction “Where is the Reykjavik?”

She checked her console “She is 20 hours out and has started decelerating.  She is reporting control issues with a few thrusters and wants to have a repair crew available to assist.”

“Hmmm,” He thought a moment “Tell her the crew will be ready, and guide her approach twice as far away as usual.  We’ll tow her closer once she stops.”

“Aye, Sir.” She started the communication.

The intercom lit up “Bridge, Security.”

The captain punched the button “Go ahead security.”

“There is somebody freaking out on the mess deck.” The guard sounded nervous.

The captain casually responded “Ok, knock him out and get him to sick bay.  Try to calm everyone else down.”

“It’s your wife, sir.”

“Oh shit!” the captain facepalmed.  He gathered himself a moment. “Then she gets a private room!” he tried to sound professional. “That reminds me, Commander Sinkh, please make sure the schedule for the resupply is posted on the doors to cargo 34, we don’t want to be bringing in supplies in the middle of an orgy … again.”

“Aye, sir.” The commander choked back a laugh.

“And Commander, you have the con.” He unstrapped himself “I have to go find out what is wrong with the Mrs.”

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