Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 33:

Commander Dickerson quietly floated into the lab guiding a container and turned the lights on low.

“Good Morning, lovebirds.” She cheerfully announced.

Tim and Sam were wrapped up with each other strapped into one of the bunks.

The commander thought, but didn’t say ‘At least they are dressed.’

Sam groaned “Ughhh!”

“Good Morning, Commander.” Tim was no less groggy.

The two slowly unbuckled from the bunk and untangled themselves.

“I brought coffee and breakfast,” Kim stopped at a console and attached the container “and some very interesting information.”

“What would that be?” Sam perked up.

“Something …” Kim searched for the correct word for a moment “perturbed Captain Stuart’s flight.  That’s why she crashed.”

“Something?” Tim inquired.

“Something.” Kim got serious “Now we have to figure out what that was.” She opened the container “I brought fresh uniforms for you as well.”

“You brought our clothes?” Sam was shocked.

“Yes,” Kim winked at Sam “I figured the pink underwear was yours.” She held back a laugh “I wanted to save time.  Grab some breakfast and take your showers.  We need to get a tablet to Gwen with all of the details of her flight that we have, and a link to the systems here.  Whatever it is might be a problem for the miners.”

“I’ll start loading the tablet.” Tim grabbed a packet of coffee and moved to a console.

“I need my shower first.” Sam groaned as she headed for the door.

“Take your pick,” Kim tossed her a package with her uniform “but let’s move quickly on this.  Gwen is looking forward to seeing both of you, and we need her input on this.”

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