Sunday, March 16, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 44:

Commander Dickerson entered the lab “So what have you discovered?”

“Hello Kim.” Tim rotated the hologram around “Take a look at this.” He gestured toward the markings.

“That looks like a docking reference.” She pondered.

Sam chimed in “That is also the region of the gravity anomaly.”

“Gravity anomaly?” Kim floated over to her console “How big of an anomaly?”

“The crew captain said he wasn’t Galileo,” Tim called up some numbers “but the best guess is 1/10th to 1/20th of Earth normal gravity.”

“Well we know what happened to Gwen.” Kim shifted around “OK, I’ll take it from here.  You two get to go on a little excursion.”

Sam looked up “Excursion?”

Tim scowled “I take it we aren’t going to the supermarket for milk and eggs.”

“Nope.” Kim tried to be upbeat “You get to take a tow shuttle and go get the other one.  You can use the probe out there for off side thrust.”

“That’s going to take a while.” Sam was frowning now.

Tim checked some figures on the tow shuttle “That’s going to take at least a day just for transport, plus the time it takes to get it rigged up.”

“So you had better get going.”  Kim looked back to her console “And make sure you take plenty of supplies, just in case.”

“What exactly do you mean by ‘just in case’” Sam was really not happy now.

“We don’t know the exact mass.” She looked over to Sam “We don’t know how much force we can exert on the anchors.  We don’t know how much offsetting thrust we can really get from the probe.  And there are at least a dozen other factors that we just don’t know about.”

“Fair enough.” Sam relaxed a bit.

“We’ll get loaded up and notify you when we launch.” Tim was resigned to this task now.

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