Monday, March 3, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 31:

Tim sucked wine out of the metal container into two squeeze bottles as Sam strapped herself into the console next to him.  They had their dinner stuck to the console in front of them.  Everything was in squeeze pouches, but at least it had been freshly prepared in the galley. All of the lights in the compartment were off including the hologram.  Only a single reading light that somewhat approximated candle light was on.

“Not exactly ‘The Ritz’” Tim concentrated on filling the squeeze bottles.

“It’s not even the mess deck.” Sam smiled as she buckled in.

“At least we have each other.” He blew her a kiss and handed her a bottle.  “Cheers!”

They tapped their bottles together and took a sip.  Each grabbed for a food pouch.

The intercom lit up “Lab 4, T-Ops.”

“Oy Vey!” Tim was not amused.

“I got it.” Sam lit up the console “Go ahead T-Ops.”

“The mining teams want to confirm the latest ice extraction plan.” The operator was clearly annoyed.

“What?” Sam was agitated “Those plans are clear and concise.”

“Apparently the teams are worried about…” the operator hesitated “something.”

“Alright,” Sam quickly punched some buttons on the console. “You have the full plan now with all of the required safety measures, the signs to watch for, the transport schedules, and the rate sheets.”

“Thanks Lab 4.” The operator lightened his tone “Have a nice dinner.”

“Thanks T-Ops.” Sam responded and flicked off the intercom “We will if you don’t bother us again…”

“Now where were we?” Tim paused, “Oh Yeah.” He leaned over and kissed Sam gently.

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