Saturday, March 8, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 36:

Tim and Sam entered Captain Stewart’s room. She looked over to them “Well hello.” She tried to sound happy but it was obvious she was in pain.

Both Tim and Sam both greeted her with “Hello captain.”

“Cut the formalities.” She grimaced “It is good to see you.” She smiled.

“Good to see you in one piece.” Tim tried to be cheerful.

“You should have told us, but it is good you are OK.” Sam tried to look happy.

“I wasn’t allowed to.” She shifted a bit, and it obviously hurt “I had my orders.  That and I thought I could actually pull it off.”  She looked out pondering for a moment “But something went wrong.  Something disturbed the flight path.”

“That’s why we brought you a tablet with all of the information we have on your flight.” Tim handed her a tablet.

“There is some new information about some really strange things from the miners.” Sam was all business.

“You also have a link directly into our lab systems.” Tim added.

“Excellent, I’ll take a look.  I want to figure out what went wrong.” She looked at the tablet and set the overall view of the flight.  She shifted a bit in the bed “Aaaaarghhh!” She screamed.

Tim yelled “Nurse!  There is a problem here!”

Gwen was sweating and yelping quietly curled up on her side.

The nurse quickly entered “What’s wrong?”

Sam responded “I don’t know but she’s in a lot of pain!” she was nearly yelling.

“Get out of here,” the nurse sounded confident “We’ll take care of her.” He looked at Gwen and yelled “Corpsman!”

Beginning of Story

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