Tuesday, March 11, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 39:

“Albatross station, mining team 4.” The mining crew captain called on the radio.

“Go ahead team 4” Lt Xi responded.

“We’ve cleared out the last of the ice we have mined and we can see the markings clearly.” He paused a moment “And there is something else weird about that zone.”

“What is it?”

“It feels like the gravity is stronger in that zone.” He tried to sound calm.

“The gravity?” Lt Xi wanted clarification “Not magnetic?”

“Confirmed.” The mining crew captain called in “It is not magnetic, it is gravity.”

“Somebody is going to find that very interesting.” Lt Xi was not expecting that. “Hell, I find it interesting!”

“So did we.  That’s why we tested it and checked it several ways.” He punched some keys on the console. “We’re sending a report on what we found now.”

“Got it.” There was a pause “Ok, we are going to maneuver the probe overhead to get a good look at those markings and see what kind of measurements we get.”

“Roger that.”

“Have a couple of crew members out there for reference.”

“Will do.”

“Team 4, this is Lab 4.” Commander Dickerson’s voice boomed out of the radio.

“Go ahead Lab 4.” The team captain was surprised to hear directly from the lab.

“How exactly did you determine it was higher gravity in that zone?” The commander was skeptical.

“It is all in the report.” He was only slightly annoyed “But it is very clear there is no attraction outside the zone and there is definitely enough to allow standing inside it.”

“Did you check how powerful it is?” The commander was prying.

“I may be Italian but I am not Galileo.” The crew captain was trying to be of good humor “So lacking a ball and a feather my best guess is between 1/10th and 1/20th of Earth standard.”

“That is quite a lot in the middle of space!” the commander exclaimed.

“How do you think we noticed it?” He was containing his annoyance “Like I said, it is all in the report.”

“Ok, we’ll take a look at it.” She calmed down “Thank you for the clarification.”

“Any time.” He flicked off the radio and relaxed a bit.

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