Saturday, March 15, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 43:

Captain Calhoun stepped into Captain Stewart’s room.  Commander Dickerson was talking to Captain Stewart when he walked in.

“How are you doing Gwen?” He tried to look cheerful.

“I’m doing better now.” She smiled.

“What was wrong?” He stepped to the side of the bed.

“They missed the ruptured spleen.” She rolled her eyes.

The captain was confused “How did they miss that?”   

“I was unconscious when I got here.” She shrugged “And when I came to I was doped up to the gills.”

“Did they get it figured out?”

“I think so.” She grabbed the tablet Sam and Tim gave her “We were just going over the plan of what we are going to do with that thing.”

“I want to go get the other one.” Kim spoke up.

“I agree.” Captain Calhoun concurred “We can park it next to the one we have now and figure out what to do with it then.”

“Send Sam and Tim in a tractor shuttle to go get it.” Gwen looked at her tablet. “I’m patched into the lab from here.” She checked the schedules “Kimmie, you take over the lab and let’s figure out if we have something to inspect that thing with.”

“What do you have in mind for inspecting it?” Kim looked expectantly.

“Something like the repair ‘bots that Tim is currently reviewing.” She smiled.

“Alright Gwen,” Captain Calhoun turned to leave “I’ll be on the bridge and leave these details to you.” He looked back with a stern face “But don’t stress yourself too much, you need to get your rest.” He smiled at the end.

“Aye Captain.” She looked up from the tablet. “I’ll take it easy, but we have work to do here.”

“Very Well.” He left the room.

“Ok Kimmie.” Gwen had a devilish smile “Tell Tim and Sam they are going on an …” she thought for a moment “excursion.”

“Why do I have to tell them?” Kim was not amused.

“Because I out rank you.” Gwen smiled and winked.

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