Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 32:

Commander Dickerson burst into sick bay. “You said Captain Stewart was awake.” She tried to sound calm.

“She asked for you by name.” the corpsman was friendly. “Right this way.”  He headed for a door.

“She did?” The commander inquired as she followed the corpsman.

“Yes, that is why we notified you before the Captain.” He led through a door, down a small passageway and into another compartment.

Captain Stewart was lying in a hospital bed with the back slightly elevated.  She had an IV in her arm and a small table with a tray of food on it.  She looked over as the corpsman and the commander entered the room. “Kimmie!” she weakly exclaimed.

The commander stepped over to the side of the bed. “How are you feeling Gwen?”

“Like I just lost a cage match.” She smiled. “But they say I’ll be well enough to be back on duty in a few days.”

Kim looked at the splint on Gwen’s left lower leg. “And what about that?”

“Only the fibula is broken.” She looked at it. “The damned foot strap didn’t release on impact.”

“It would have been better if you didn’t have an impact at all.” Kim forced a smile.

“I was working on that.” Gwen smiled back.

Captain Calhoun entered the room and looked at the patient.  “How are you doing captain?” He asked as he approached the bed.

“I’ll live sir,” She looked to the Captain “Much as I might not like to right now.” She joked.

“I’m going to hold you to that.” He gave an exaggerated ‘stern’ look to her for a moment.  “So what happened?”

“Something disturbed my flight path,” She frowned “like a gas vent or maybe a magnetic attraction.”  Her frown relaxed as she looked at Kim.  “I don’t know what, but something caused an oscillation.”

“Ok.” The Captain was willing to give the benefit of the doubt. “You get some rest, and try to remember what happened.”  He turned to Kim. “You are due for your shift.  I would suggest you report to the lab to start.” He raised his eyebrows with a knowing look.

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