Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 46:

“Lt. Aiko,” Lt. Brown announced “The first transport is docking in bay 2.” He was reviewing the flight paths of the incoming transports.

“Very Well.” Lt. Aiko looked up to watch the transport enter the bay. “Remember that bay 4 is full up with ice processing so don’t send any transports there.”

“I remember that.” Lt. Brown rolled his eyes “I’ve been scheduling the ice transports all day.” He grumbled.

“Did you remember to change your socks and underwear this morning?” Lt. Aiko jabbed.

Lt. Xi was taking a sip of coffee at the time.  As a result, he spewed coffee through his nose all over his console in front of him.  The chain reaction of laughter around the compartment left the entire crew gasping for air.

The observation camera spun around and panned the room.

“What the hell is going on in there?” Captain Calhoun’s voice boomed through the compartment.

Lt. Aiko quickly composed himself. “Sorry captain, I inadvertently convinced Lt. Xi to wash his console with his coffee.”

Half of the compartment fought to choke back a laugh.

“Well I’m sorry I missed that.” The captain’s voice dripped with sarcasm. “Just get yourselves together and keep track of those transports.  We are on a tight schedule with tired personnel and that tends to lead to mistakes.” He was quite serious.

“Aye Sir.” Lt. Aiko replied. “Alright people, back to business.”

Lt. Aiko looked up at the line of transports headed toward the station just in time to see the explosion at the back of transport 5 causing it to rapidly accelerate toward the station.

“Holy Shit!” Lt. Brown shouted.

Lt. Xi punched the radio “Transport 5, status report.”

Lt. Aiko punched the radio button “Transport 4, can you get a tow cable on transport 5?”

“We’ll try.” The transport 4 pilot responded.

“This is transport 3, I think we can get in front of them and help them slow down.”

“Do it!” Lt. Aiko shouted into the radio “Transport 2, abort your approach and get out of the way!” He checked the schedule and activated the intercom “Bay 1, get a net up and have damage and medical crews standing by.” He switched to the bridge “Bridge, T-Ops.  We have an emergency and a potentially out of control transport on the way in.”

Transport 3 maneuvered in front of transport 5.  The pilot skillfully matched the rotation and moved the grappling arms around toward the rear of the vessel.

“Albatross station, transport 4.  They got by us before I could launch the tow cable.  And they are still leaking something so they are probably accelerating.”

“Acknowledged transport 4.” Lt. Xi checked the flight paths “Abort your approach and hold off.”

“T-Ops, Bridge.” The intercom lit up “What is the severity of the situation?”

Lt. Aiko composed himself and activated the intercom “Transport 5 has had an explosion and is apparently out of control and accelerating.  Transport 3 is attempting to intercept and guide them in.  Bay 1 is alerted.  Prepare the station for collision.”

The collision alarm activated.  Klaxons sounded off, flashing amber lights lit up.  All of the airlocks activated and locked down tight.  Every person on the station headed for their space suits.

“Stay calm everyone.” Lt. Aiko used his best command voice “One at a time get to your suits and get back on station, we still have a problem to work.  MOVE!”

“Albatross Station, Transport 3.  We are in position and will intercept in approximately 2 minutes.”

“Very well Transport 3.” Lt. Xi checked bay 1 status “Grab them and head for the catcher’s mitt.  They are ready for you.”

“Got it Albatross.  We’ll bring them in.” The pilot sounded like he was trying to convince himself.

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