Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 47:

Transport 5 slammed into the back of transport 3.  Grappling arms on both transports grabbed on to the other ship.  Both pilots activated retro thrusters and tried to null the rotation.  Transport 5 continued to leak out the back producing forward and rotational thrust.  The scanners and cameras on Albatross station focused on the two craft.

“Transport 5, Albatross station.” Lt Xi was back at his post fully suited.

Lt. Brown fully suited and isolated from the environment floated by Lt. Aiko.  He activated his external speaker “Your turn, Sir.  Everyone else is suited up.”

“Transport 5, Albatross station.” Lt Xi repeated his hail.

Lt. Aiko pulled himself out of his station and headed for his suit.

“Hurry up Lieutenant!” Lt. Brown shouted through his speaker “They are coming in a lot hotter than we were expecting!”

Lt. Aiko struggled to get into his suit as he looked out and saw the transports bearing in on the station. He could see that they were headed in much faster than expected, but looked to be on course for bay 1.  That is when he saw the space suit tethered to transport 5 and that it was headed straight for the dome.  He hastened his effort to seal up his suit. As he slammed his helmet on and started locking it he announced through the radio link “Depressurize this compartment!”  His environment pack was not yet activated but he knew he had a few minutes to complete that.

Transport 3 had full thrust on all retro thrusters as the two craft headed toward bay 1.  The recovery net was stretched across the middle of the bay and could catch anything that crossed the threshold.  Emergency crews lined all sides of the bay.  Everyone knew the possibility of survival from this type of recovery was low.

Lt. Aiko struggled to strap himself into his control seat and fumbled with his environment pack just as the space suited body slammed into a dome panel, breaking it.  The remaining cabin pressure blew the plexi-panel outward and finished venting the atmosphere to space.  The body was pulled away as the transports entered bay 1, leaving an observation dome panel destroyed and the transport operations center in vacuum.

“All personnel check in.” Lt. Aiko was concerned about his crew.

Beginning of Story

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