Friday, March 28, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 55:

Lt. Aiko double checked the repair record and instructed the repair bots to scan the panel seams while he slowly increased the pressure in the compartment.  He wasn’t worried so much about the new repair but about leaks elsewhere.

“T-Ops, maintenance.” The radio link chimed up. “We think you are ready to go.”

“Acknowledged, maintenance.” Lt. Aiko was quite annoyed now.  He hated space suits and he had now been in his for almost 12 hours. “I am bringing the pressure up slowly and I am going to be certain about leaks.”

“That’s our job sir!” The maintenance supervisor was annoyed.

“No sailor,” Lt. Aiko was as stern as he could be “It is everyone’s job!  I am responsible for the lives of everyone in this compartment, and everyone that will be in this compartment for not only the next shift but for the foreseeable future.  So I am going to be certain.  Is that understood?”

“Yes sir. Let us know when you are done.”

“Will do.  I’ll try not to keep your bot’s tied up any longer than necessary.”  The Lieutenant tried to lighten up although he was clearly stressed out.

“Full pressure sir.” Ensign Kahl reported. “Leak test is complete.  All seals holding.”

“Very well.” Lt. Aiko verified the report on his console “Ok, make one more sweep and then we’ll let them go.”

The airlock door opened with a slow hiss.  Commander Venkataraman floated into the compartment in her space suit, followed by four of her shift crewmen.  “Ok Lieutenant, it is shift change.  Captain’s orders!”

“Aye commander.” Lt. Aiko reluctantly acknowledged “I just completed the leak and hull integrity sweep, all is clear.”

“Very good Lieutenant.” She looked around the compartment and noted the locations of the maintenance bots. “Alright you guys, everyone out, we’ll take it from here.  Get your showers, get some chow, double seal your quarters and run a full sterilization cycle on your suits.” She waited for everyone to shift positions. “And I mean that last one.  You don’t know when you will need that suit again, or for how long.”

“Aye, Ma’am.” Was the unanimous response as the old shift headed for the airlock and the new shift took their positions.

“Alright, let’s get down to business.” Commander Venkataraman announced “Let’s get that pressure test, leak test and structural stress test run one more time, just in case.”
Lt. Aiko closed the airlock door behind him knowing the compartment, and the station, was in good hands.

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