Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 40:

“Ok Tim,” Kim rotated from her console to look at the hologram “Get the probe over that region, and scan for everything, anything, something, nothing or whatever.”

“Calm down commander,” Tim worked his console “the probe is moving into position now.  The live stream is flowing in.  All sensors are set to maximum.”

“Very well.” The commander studied the data “Keep this updating in real time.”

“Real time updates are activated.” Tim was concentrating on his console.

“Lab 4, Bridge.” The intercom lit up

“Go ahead bridge.” Sam replied to the hail.

“Long range probe is arriving on station.” The bridge officer informed her “Real time stream is available now.”

“Roger that bridge.” Sam prepared the system to receive “We are patching it now.”

“Thank you lab.” The officer was obviously being observed “The captain wants an update as soon as you can get to it.”

“Aye bridge.” She checked the current status “We’ll get a report to you as soon as we can put it together.”

“I’ll inform the captain.  Bridge out.”

“The captain doesn’t get anxious very often.” Tim pondered.

“Consider the situation.” Kim was studying the updating images “He needs every bit of information he can get as fast as he can get it.”

“Fair enough.” Tim went back to work on his console

“Lab 4, Sick Bay.” The intercom was live again.

“Go ahead sick bay.” The commander shouted at the intercom.

“Captain Stewart is awake again and asking for you commander.”

“Tell her I will be there as soon as I can.” The commander was frantic.

“Go commander!” Sam insisted.

“We have everything under control here.” Tim added.

“Are you sure?” Kim looked at both of them.

“Get Out!” both nearly shouted as they pointed to the door.

Kim headed for the door as quickly as she could.
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