Thursday, March 20, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 48:

The bridge was buzzing with activity.  All personnel were suited up and on isolated environment packs making the already tight compartment even more difficult to move in.

Captain Calhoun floated in through the airlock and closed the door.  He looked out the observation port in time to see fragments of the dome panel drift out in to space. “Commander!  Find out what is happening in bay 1 and get a repair crew ready to replace that panel.” He flipped his radio interlink to the transport ops channel “T-Ops, Bridge.  Status report.”

Lt. Aiko replied “All personnel accounted for and on station.  The compartment is depressurized and we are missing a panel from the dome.  Airlock is functioning and locked down. We are guiding transport 2 to bay 3 and transport 4 to bay 2.  We still don’t have status from bay 1.”

“Very well.” The captain switched back to the bridge radio channel. “Alright people, stay sharp.  This is about the time something really bad happens.” He was trying to be jovial in light of the events.

“Captain.” The commander announced through the radio “Bay 1 reports they have both transports secured and crews are working to rescue the miners now.  No information yet on injuries.”

“Stay on top of it commander.” The captain looked around the compartment. “Keep the station on collision alert until all of the transports are docked.” He made a cursory glance at the meeting schedule “Yeoman, push back all meetings 30 minutes.” He checked the transport schedule and switched the radio channel. “T-Ops, all operations are now delayed by at least 30 minutes, but expect that to be at least an hour.”

“Roger that bridge.” Lt. Aiko tried to sound confident “What is the estimate on the repair crew?”

The captain checked the maintenance crew status “A repair bot should be there in a minute to verify the panel and inspect the mounts.  The new panel should be ready in 2 hours and it will probably be installed before the end of the shift.”

“Thanks Bridge.”

“Commander.” The captain checked the plans for the remaining two transports. “Leave the collision alert on until the last two transports are securely docked. I don’t want to take any chances.”

“Aye Sir.”

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