Thursday, March 6, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 34:

“Albatross station, mining crew 4” The crew captain called into the radio.

“Go ahead crew 4.” The response came in.

“We have found something … interesting.” He checked his data logs quickly “We need to have these ice blocks removed in order to verify.”  He hesitated a moment “The blocks aren’t floating out the way they should, they are clinging to the surface in an … unexpected way.”

“Acknowledged, you will have a transport there in 10 minutes.”  The operator paused a bit “What do you mean by ‘clinging in an unexpected way’?”

“With the mass of this thing we should be able to just cut the blocks and flick them away by hand.”  He pondered his words for a minute “But I have one section where they come right back, not hard or fast, but they do come back and we can’t tell what is under them.”

“How large are the blocks you are cutting?” The operator was now very curious.

“Roughly 2 meters cubic.” The crew captain assembled his map “It isn’t all sections, we have some that floated out just the way they should.  We just have one section that they are clinging in.”

“That sounds really odd.” The operator pondered “Do you have a map of that?”

The crew captain punched a few buttons “Sending it now.  Your analysts should find it very interesting.”

“Receiving now.” There was a slight hesitation in his voice “Is there anything else?”

“Yes, we have found some markings but we need those blocks out of the way in order to get a clear picture.”

“Understood.  We will prioritize extraction of those blocks.” The operator was all business now “Be ready to help with those extractions.”

“Will do, Albatross station.”

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