Saturday, March 1, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 29:

“We’ve got to get that thing dug out.” Sam stated.

“And we need that ice too.” Kim noted “Ok Sam, get the plans to harvest that ice and dig that thing out transmitted to the miners.  Make sure they know to stay away from any of those contact points.  I’ll bet our poor surveyor just got across a couple of power connections.”

“Will do.  I’ll get the schedule sent out.” Sam started frantically working at her console.

“Tim, make sure you have the survey data updated constantly and make sure that all of the crews have everything we have.” Kim was studying the hologram.

“Everything?” he verified.

“Everything.  We need them to be as safe as possible.” She floated across the compartment for a different view “And shut off that second image, we need to focus on the current target.”

“KIM!” captain Calhoun’s voice resonated through the compartment “Transport 3 is docking now.  Meet me in sick bay!” He softened his voice “And make sure that our lab crew gets their rest cycle once the mining crews are launched.”

The commander responded “Yes, sir. On my way.” She looked to Sam “Ok, get the crews launched and then you get your rest time.” She looked to Tim “Anything else you need?”

“A bottle of wine would be nice.” He joked.

The commander reached into a pouch on her jumpsuit and retrieved a metallic container “Try not to make a mess of the place.” She smiled, flicked the container to Tim and floated to the door.  “I’ll check in before I go back on duty.  Make sure you get enough rest, we’re going to be really busy really soon.” She left and closed the door behind her.

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