Thursday, March 13, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 41:

“Captain,” Lieutenant Commander Sinkh called out “The report from lab 4 is available.”

“Thank you Commander.” Captain Calhoun responded “Let’s see what we are working with.”

The bridge crew worked to handle some resupply operations, bringing in ice for processing, mining operations crew shifts, and some long range probe operations.  In other words, a normal day.

“Captain,” Lt. Commander Sinkh reported “Supply ship Reykjavik is about 24 hours out and is requesting instructions.”

 “Tell them to remain on course to quadrant 1.” The captain checked his charts “We’ll check in with them in 12 hours with any additional information.”

“Aye Sir.”

The captain punched the switch for the intercom to docking bay 5 “Ok you two, sorry to cut you short but we are going to have a resupply in 24 hours and we need that bay ready.”

“Aye Captain.  We’ll be ready.”

“Get rested, and make sure the cargo compartments are ready to receive supplies.” The captain was clearly concerned about his crew.

“Yes sir.” The operator was confident “we will be ready.”

The captain shifted his focus to the report from lab 4.  He was not happy. He manipulated the image of the asteroid around and checked the locations of each of the mining crews.

“Ensign, how far away is that second asteroid.” He was concentrating on the image of the one they were working on.

“Second asteroid is just over a hundred thousand kilometers away sir.” He was adjusting his console.

“Thank you ensign.” He punched up the intercom “Lab 4, bridge.”

“Go ahead captain.” Sam replied.

“I need to talk to commander Dickerson.” He was focused on his console.

“She went to sick bay.” Sam said “Captain Stewart was asking for her.”

“Very well.”  He grumbled a bit “Thanks Lab 4.”  He checked his console once more “Commander Sinkh, you have the con, I’ll be in sick bay.”

“Aye Sir.” The commander shifted away from his console toward the captain’s chair.

The captain quickly headed for the door.

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