Saturday, February 8, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 8:

Tim punched some buttons on his console while reviewing the classified probe data “Let’s take a look at what the new scan can tell us.”  The hologram lit up with traces showing veins of gold, silver and platinum.

“Those veins are way too regular to be natural.” Sam looked at the hologram with a concerned scowl “There is a geometric pattern there, and they are running between the uranium deposits.”

“Wait a minute.”  Tim got out from behind his console and started floating around the hologram “Those aren’t deposit veins, those are circuits.”

“Circuits?  You mean like for some kind of control?”

“Exactly.  Now the question is what the blazes this thing does.”

“This is over our heads, we’re going to have to inform the commander and our new operations officer.”

“It will be the first thing we show them.  The miners are going to be launching shortly and we will have less than an hour after that to change any plans.”  Tim continued to orbit the hologram “When does our new boss get here?”

“The transport is going to arrive in about 10 minutes.”  Samantha pointed out as she studied the tracking system.  “We have to be down there to meet whoever it is.  Both Kim and the Captain are tied up with station operations right now.”

“I wonder just exactly how important this is to send an external officer to oversee it.” Tim grumbled.  “Do you think they expect us to be in dress uniforms?”

“I’m going straight there in my jumpsuit.  I’m not changing just to suck up to someone that doesn’t have confidence in our crew.”

“Fair enough, your call.”  Tim logged out of his console.  “Do you remember the combination to the door?”

“Yes“, Samantha rolled her eyes “and don’t try to tell me you don’t.”  She turned off the hologram and logged out of her console then they both floated out the door, locking it behind them.

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