Sunday, February 2, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 2:

Tim opened the door to the briefing room and peered in.  Commander Dickerson sat at the far end of the table.  She looked up from her console and mumbled “You two are looking chipper” sarcastically.

Tim and Samantha walked into the room, heading for chairs toward the head of the table. 

“Hey, we are here on time.” Tim stated.

“And you look like you just rolled out of the rack.” the commander was not impressed.

“We did.” Sam grumbled back.

“I don’t understand how the two of you can sleep in a single bunk together.” The commander pondered.

“Sometimes we sleep in separate bunks, we have two in our quarters.” Sam was slightly insulted.

“Why don’t you just use Cargo 34 like everyone else?”

“Zero G sex isn’t all some people make it out to be.” Tim defended.

“And it gets a little crowded in there at times.  We’re not really in to the group thing.” Sam added.

“At least we have some privacy in our quarters.  Even if it is a little bit … cozy.” Tim looked lovingly at Sam.

More people started streaming in to the room.  The 24 person room would be full this morning as it was the launch of a new operation.  Uniforms for 6 different corporations and 3 different military branches plus the marines guarding the doors were present.  Everyone wants a piece of asteroid mining operations and this one looked to be very promising.  The last 3 asteroids turned out to have mostly common minerals, and while the copper, magnesium, and the other high value minerals were nice, the yield was low.  The investors were getting anxious.

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