Saturday, February 15, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 15:

“Commander,” Lieutenant Brown announced in his deep baritone voice “the Captain has given us authorization to commence transport operations.”

“Very well, Lieutenant. Inform the transport pilots and verify there is only one team per company and that they are only scanning and survey teams.  There will be no mining operations until we have their surveys and their operations plans.  And let them know I mean it!” The commander was stern.

“Yes Ma’am!” Lt. Brown bellowed. 

“Lieutenant Xi, would you please double check the launch schedules and the safe interval distances, I don’t want anything even close to risky here.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Lt. Xi responded.

“Lieutenant Brown, inform transport 1 they are cleared to launch in T minus 5 minutes.”

“Yes Ma’am.”

A transport rocketed out of Docking Bay 4 faster than would ever be authorized, rocking the station and causing the positioning rockets to start their dance to stabilize the station.

“What the hell?  Who is that?” the commander shouted.

“Commander,” Lt. Aiko at the tracking station behind the ops pod injected “looks like that is transport 6 and they are accelerating beyond authorized velocity.”

“Tell the Bridge we may have a renegade.”  The commander was quite agitated as she mashed on the ship to ship transmit button “Transport 6, that was an unauthorized launch and you are about to exceed safe velocity.”

“Transport Ops, this is Docking Bay 4” the intercom squawked.

Lt. Xi answered the hail “T. Ops, go ahead Bay 4.”

“We just found the Transport 6 pilot in a closet.  He is unconscious but alive.  He is probably drugged”

“Very well, get him to sick bay.” Lt. Xi responded.

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