Friday, February 21, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 21:

Transport 1 crossed over the tip of the asteroid at a safe distance and started braking.  The pilot was trying to maintain velocity to get to the destroyed ship quickly but also being mindful that he would have to stop quickly if they found a survivor.

“T-ops, Transport 1.  Could we have the latest hi-res scans of the debris, please?  Our sensors are limited and I still only see a cloud.”  The pilot was focusing intensely as he shut off the radio.  He addressed his passengers “Ok everybody, we are looking for a person out here so look sharp!”

“All transports, the latest scans are being sent now” The voice on the radio was reassuring “Happy Hunting.”

Transport 2 passed the tip of the asteroid on the opposite side from transport 1 and began braking.

“Transport 2, focus around the end of that trench” the radio announced to all ships “Our renegade captain might be caught on the surface.”


Captain Gwendolyn Stewart clung desperately to a chunk of the transport ship she had commandeered.  The section was tumbling in all 3 axes but was fortunately not moving very fast.  The tumbling caused forces that would throw her clear and she knew that she would have better chances of being found if she was with a larger piece.  She checked her breathing apparatus and found it was working fine and that she had at least two days with it but her water supply was damaged which could kill her faster.  She checked the radio and made sure the locator beacon was operating.

“Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.” She announced “This is Captain Gwendolyn Stewart adrift and hanging on to a piece of my damaged ship.”

She looked around for something she could clip her restraining line to but it didn’t look good.  She was telling herself the entire time ‘Think, stay alive, and find a way out.’ She repeated her distress call.

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