Friday, February 7, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 7:

The station itself was on the sun side of the belt with all of the observation windows pointed away from the sun and the back side covered with solar panels to get full solar power.  The station design is a large cylindrical central core filled with cargo holds, research labs, docking bays, and the station command facilities.  The central core is surrounded by 3 rotating rings:  One large ring in the center with operating machinery, labs, the hydroponics facilities, and other things that need gravity to function properly.  Two smaller rings at either end, rotating in the opposite direction, contained the living quarters and meeting rooms.  The station was small for a space station with the outer decks of the large ring not even achieving full earth normal gravity and the habitat rings barely making half earth normal.  The station was also a hybrid between a space station and an interplanetary vessel, the reason being that it was designed for asteroid mining and therefore would have to move at times and stay stationary at others.  The forward habitat ring was for military quarters, VIP quarters and meeting rooms, most of which had forward observation ports.  The aft habitat ring was for the mining personnel, segregated in sections by organizations that were operating on the station.

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