Saturday, February 22, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 22:

Captain Calhoun cleared his throat “Ok people, it is time I briefed you on what we are dealing with here.”  He looked at each of them “Keep working the problem, but here is the deal.” He cleared his throat again “Captain Stewart was given specific orders to blast some of the outer layer off that thing.  Her trajectory was plotted back at command central and she did as well as anyone could.”

He paused a moment and looked out of the observation window.  “We all, in our own way, know Gwen …” he hesitated a bit “intimately.” He choked back a laugh “In fact I think a large portion of the fleet could qualify for that.” 

Kim giggled, Sam groaned and Tim muttered “Oy Vey!” 

The captain continued “But there is one thing we all know, she is a fiercely loyal officer that is absolutely dedicated to her duty, and we all know she can keep a secret.  That is why she was chosen for this mission.” He looked back to the hologram “Now we have to find her and bring her back.  We also have to learn as much as we can from her mission.  It was a highly risky maneuver and the fact that she made it over 3 quarters of the way down that thing is fairly impressive.  So now we have to complete the mission.” He cleared his throat again, fumbling for more words.

“Captain,” Sam announced “I have a locator beacon and I think a distress call.  I can’t get a fix but it is definitely in that cloud.”

“Good job, Sam.” The captain studied the transport flight paths “Kim, tell transport 2 to stay focused on the end of that trench, have them synchronize and land as close to the end of it as possible.  Tell transport 5 to perform a complete low altitude survey scan at the highest resolution they can.  Tell the others to focus on the rescue effort in that ice cloud.”

“Aye Sir.” She started punching keys on her console and studying flight paths.

“Tim, get a high resolution probe launched for an in depth scan.  And make sure it is set up for a long term continuous operation.”

“Yes Sir” he was already two steps ahead of the command.

“I have to go deal with the consortium council now.  I’ll be on the bridge once that is done and I’ll check in with you then.  You know what to do.”

“Good luck, Sir.” Kim looked up from her console and smiled “You’re gonna’ need it.”

“Thanks, carry on.” He smiled as he floated through the door and closed it behind him.

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