Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 18:

Commander Dickerson was scowling while scrutinizing the flight courses of the transports.  She was particularly concerned with the velocity and trajectory of the rogue transport, and it didn’t help that there had been no contact from it so she had no idea who was flying it.

“T-Ops, Security” the intercom squawked.

The Commander punched the button “Go ahead Security.”

“We just found the entire Russian crew unconscious in their quarters.  They are alive but obviously drugged.  A medical team is on the way.”

“Thank you for the report.  Inform the bridge and the other crews, they need to be watchful for suspicious activity.”  Now she was really puzzled, she activated the intercom “Bridge, T-Ops. Captain Stewart is needed here.”

“Captain Stewart is not on the bridge.”  Was the reply.

The commander switched the intercom to contact Captain Stewart’s quarters “Gwen, we need you down here in Transport Ops.”

There was no reply.

She tried again, and waited for several minutes.

Again, there was no reply.

“Lab 4, T-Ops.  Is Captain Stewart there?”



Tim and Sam were tangled up with each other, floating around the lab, barely dressed and completely oblivious to everything else.  They floated through the hologram, ricocheted off the bulkhead lightly causing them to change direction and neither of them noticed.  Their jumpsuits trailed like kite tails behind them as they danced their lover’s dance in zero gravity.

“Lab 4, Bridge.”  The intercom announced.

Neither of them noticed.

A minute later the announcement came again.

Neither of them noticed.

A camera activated and scanned around to find them.  The captain’s voice bellowed out of the intercom “Knock it off you two!  Get dressed and get back to tracking that transport!”  His laugh at the end could be heard just before the intercom cut off.

“Oops!” They both remarked as they disengaged and started climbing back into their jumpsuits.

“Lab 4, T-Ops.  Is Captain Stewart there?”

Tim made it to the console first.  “No, Ma’am.  We haven’t seen her since you took her to her quarters.”

“Dang, I half expected you to be having a threesome over there.”

“No, Ma’am.  It was just the two of us.”

“Then where is … Oh Hell!”

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