Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 11:

The door opened and Sam floated in “I half expected you to be practicing docking maneuvers.” She closed the door behind her “Commander Dickerson is on her way, she just finished the transport schedule for the first wave.”

Gwen spun around to a wall console “Let’s turn off the data the miners don’t have, leave everything they do have on, turn on the rights boundaries and let’s take a look at the proposed landing spots.”

“Looking to see who is going after what first?” Sam asked.

“Exactly.  That will give us an idea of what type of information we will get from each expedition.”

“And let us figure out how we can use each one of them.”

“This is no longer a mining operation.”  Gwen finally stated “Actually it never was but we had to get the consortium resources in order to pull this off.”

“So just exactly what kind of operation is this?”

“It is a recovery of an alien artifact of unknown nature.”  Gwen spun around and glanced at both of them “And that is why you are not to talk to anyone about it except the commander and myself.”  She was quite stern now “Consider yourselves to be quarantined.  You will use the quarantine toilet and shower just up the passageway, and your meals will be delivered to you.  Understood?”

“Yes, Ma’am!”  Both Sam and Tim snapped in unison.

Gwen spun around back to her console “I’ll do my best to see that you are as comfortable as possible, you’ll get good meals and enough sleep and … private time.”  She grinned.  “I actually expect to spend most of my time up in operations so you will be alone most of the time.  Expect to get updates or have to deliver status at any time.”

The door opened and Commander Dickerson floated in closing the door behind her.

“Hello Kimmie.” Gwen brightly greeted her without turning around.

“Gwen?  What are you doing here?”

Tim and Sam both looked at the commander with a startled look on their faces “You know her too?”  They asked in unison.

“In stereo where available.” Gwen snickered out.

“We … have … served together.” Kim said hesitantly “Alright, just what the hell is this all about?” She demanded.

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