Monday, February 10, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 10:

The two floated down the passageway, grabbing the handholds and correcting course on a regular rhythm.  Traveling zero G passageways is a matter of bouncing from handhold to handhold, keeping a good speed up but not going too fast, and making gentle vector corrections at every point.

“You’ve done well for yourself.”  Captain Stewart pondered “Sam is a lot of fun.”

“We work well together.” Tim was noticeably annoyed “Just where do you know Sam from?”

“The academy,” She was being coy now “It was her first year and I was doing a stint as combat operations training assistant.  She was confused and vulnerable so I helped her adjust to military life and figure out who she was.”

“Is that what you thought of me?”  Tim swung around the corner and grabbed the handle next to the lock on the lab door.

“Oh lord no!  I just thought you were the hottest fresh meat on the ship.”  She looked at him with a dirty grin “And my, oh my, was I right!”  She winked at Tim.

“Well I’m glad I made you happy.”  He punched the lock code into the console and opened the door.  He pulled the door open and gestured to the captain for her to enter.  She floated in to the lab as the lights came on at about half illumination.

“What is the lock code?”

“I’m not authorized to share that with anyone, not even you.” Tim closed the door behind him “You will have to get it from either Commander Dickerson or Captain Calhoun.”

“Very well,” She smiled “Good to see you are taking this operation seriously.”

“I’ve become a much better officer since then.”

“I never said you were a bad officer, just that you were a good romp in the rack.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.”  Tim turned the hologram on to the display they had just been looking at.  “This is the latest mapping of mineral deposits.  Notice anything that catches your eye?”

“Those are awfully regular.” The captain pondered “And those geometric patterns suggest some kind of deliberate purpose.”

“I suspect those are control circuits.”

“Control circuits for what?”

“That is the question.”

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