Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 4:

The room empties except for the guards and the three officers.  “Gentlemen” Commander Dickerson addressed the guards “Please guard the outside of the doors for this meeting.”

The guards exit the room and closed the door behind them.

“Alright Kim, cut the bullshit.  What is this all about?” Tim was determined.

“That asteroid is not natural.  It is not a natural shape, it is not in a natural place and it isn’t behaving in a natural pattern.”

“So you are sending the miners in to…?” Tim looked expectantly.

“Break up the outer shell so you can see what is hidden in the core!” Samantha finished the thought with a sinister smile.

“Bingo!” The commander exclaimed.

“Then what do you need us to do?” Sam was curious.

Kim stood up and walked to center of the table on the side opposite Tim and Samantha.  The translucent hologram allowed her to point to various features all around the hologram so all of them could see.

“I’ll turn off the rights boundaries since they are irrelevant.” The commander punched some buttons.

The boundary lines disappeared leaving only the color coded mineral deposit markers and the outer surface of the asteroid.

“Focus on the uranium deposits, they are not random but we don’t know what they mean.  They are close to the surface and detectable from the furthest distance.”

“Looks like there is some kind of geometric pattern of yttrium deposits around some of them.” Tim rolled the hologram around to get a straight on view of some of the sites.

“You’re not showing us something…” Sam looked at Kim with a determined scowl.

“This is all of the information we are giving to the companies.  It is from the preliminary scouting scans so they probably already have it.  We sent a secondary probe, a military probe, with deeper scanning capability when it became obvious it was artificial and we have kept that information closely guarded for a reason.”

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