Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 26:

The survey team floated out of transport 2 toward the crater.  They spread out to cover the greatest area with their equipment active and transmitting a real time stream back to the transport that relayed it back to the station.  Due to the lack of gravity, all of the team was using jet packs.  The jet streams caused loose ice to blast out in various directions, clouding visibility.

One of the survey team headed to the bottom of the crater.  He looked down and noticed something very curious.  “There is some kind of hard, smooth surface down there.” He reported “And there is something that looks …” He hesitated “It is not right.” He focused his camera on the surface below.

The image showed 6 gold circles approximately 10cm across in a roughly 1 meter circle.

“The surface looks to be smooth, either metallic or ceramic.” The surveyor reported. 

He slowly approached the circle, descending toward it and panning the camera around looking for other features.  His feet gently contacted two of the gold circles.

The surveyor was instantly vaporized in a huge flash of blue light.  The force of the explosion pushed the other surveyors back.

“What the hell was that?” The transport pilot shouted into the radio.

One of the surveyors responded “We just lost a team member in what looked like an electrical explosion.”

“Oh shit!” the pilot responded.  He punched the radio button to the station “Albatross station, transport 2.  One of our survey team just exploded.  Sending the video record now.”

“Transport 2 please repeat your last transmission.”  Lt. Xi was confused “Did you just say your survey team exploded?”

The pilot repeated the transmission.

“Stand By transport 2.  And don’t let anyone else near that surface.” The command was clear.

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