Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 5:

Tim leaned back in his chair and looked at the commander skeptically “So when do WE get that information and what do you want us to do with it?”

“You will get all of the information we have when you get set up in Lab 4.” The commander switched off the hologram “and you will get all of the information we get from all of the expeditions and probes as we get it.”

Samantha leaned back in her chair just as Tim leaned forward.  “So what are we looking for?”

“The patterns.”  The commander sat down and looked thoughtfully at Tim “The signs.  Some kind of indication of what this labeling might mean.”  She looked at Samantha “If we are right then somebody is going to come looking for this.  They might be monitoring it.”  She looks to Tim “They might even be on their way as far as we know.”  She leaned back in her chair “We need to have some kind of idea who they are.”

“So what is the crown jewel that leads you to that conclusion?” Sam inquired

“We found indications of carbon.”

“Carbon?” Tim blurted out.

“Carbon.  A lot of it.”

Tim and Samantha stand up as Sam said “We’ll get set up in Lab 4 right away.  Who else will be working with us?”

“Nobody.  In fact, you should just plan on calling it your quarters until this operation is completed.  And don’t talk to anybody but me, Captain Calhoun, or the Operations Officer about anything you find.”

“Lab 4 as our quarters?”  Samantha did not look happy.

“I hate sleeping in zero G.  It is fine to work in, but I like some kind of reference when sleeping.” Tim groaned.

“Well, you have each other, make your own gravity.” Commander Dickerson chuckled “We put in a couple of command staff sized racks to give you a little extra space.”

“Oh Goodie… thanks for the consideration.” Tim was decidedly unhappy.

“We thought it was the least that we could do.”

“That about sums it up.” Sam added.

“Right yourself, sailor!” Commander Dickerson got very serious and very stern “This is a serious situation and a very serious problem.” She barked “You will do your duty and you will stay with it no matter what!”  She glared at both of them “Is that understood?”

“Ma’am, yes Ma’am” both Tim and Samantha barked out in unison.

“Good!  Back to the mission…” She shifted back to an even tone.

“Alright, who is the Operations Officer this time?” Sam was curious.

“We don’t know yet.  There is a transport that will be here about 1400 with whoever it is on it.”

“That doesn’t sound good.” Tim grimaced.

“Tell me about it.” Kim groaned.

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