Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 67:

“Shuttle 2 is docking now.” Kim looked across the compartment “And they have our wayward captains.”

“How are they?” Gwen didn’t look up and was trying to keep calm.

“They’re both unconscious, and apparently are pretty beat up.” Kim looked back down to her console “I have a medical team waiting for them.”

“Good.”  Gwen looked up for a moment “How many are still missing?”

“We only have two unaccounted for.” Kim quickly checked another list “The bad part is we have 6 dead.”

“That’s not bad considering we were hit by a large missile.  How much of the ring is gone?”

“The spokes look to be undamaged but the section between them is completely destroyed.”

“Lab 4, Bridge.” The intercom lit up.

“Go ahead bridge.” Kim switched the hologram to show the station in its current damaged form.

“We have a possible solution to stabilizing the station and we want you to run some numbers for us.” Commander Johnson was a bit anxious “We really need to get the Reykjavik docked to finish the resupply.”

“Send us the data.” Kim cleared her console for some new calculations “We’ll get right on it.”

“How long before we can get the transports back outside?”

“They are being refueled and the new crews are briefing now.” Kim quickly sent him the schedule and the assignments “I’m sending the schedule now.  The first transport will launch in 20 minutes.”

“Very good.” Commander Johnson hesitated for a minute “How long before the shuttle can launch again?”

“The crew is assisting the medical team move the victims to sick bay.”  She looked at the progress report “And then the crew needs at least 4 hours rest before they launch again.”

“That works.  Let us know when you have your assessment of our solution.  The Reykjavik will be in position in less than an hour.”

“Will do Bridge.  Lab 4 out.”

Gwen looked across the compartment “He really doesn’t want to complete the resupply by transport, does he?”

“No.” Kim looked back “Neither do I, and you shouldn’t either.”

“I don’t.”  Gwen looked back to her console “I’m plotting the tow plan to hook up that other asteroid for towing by the Reykjavik.  Well take it back to base where we will have better facilities to deal with it.”

“What do you mean ‘we’?” Kim sounded suspicious.

“You’re coming with us.” Gwen kept working on her console “We need your help and your knowledge with this.”

“But my place is here!” Kim was slightly miffed.

“Admirals’ orders.”

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