Saturday, April 5, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 63:

“Commander Johnson,” Ensign Zhou announced “The Reykjavik has just cleared the station.”

“Very well, Ensign.” The commander checked his console and activated the radio “Reykjavik, we show you clear of the station, retract those docking arms and maneuver clear.”

“Acknowledged, Albatross.”  Commander Dunst nervously replied “We will clear and stand by.”

“Alright people,” Commander Johnson announced in his best command voice “We are about to be hit by a very large object.” He scanned the compartment “That means we need to be ready for every possible problem that it could cause.  We don’t know exactly where we are going to be hit, or how big that impact will be, so we need everyone on this station ready for the worst.  Check and double check every airlock, line-lock, safety bulkhead, space suit, and anything else you can think of.  Keep your heads and work the problem.”

The murmur in the compartment settled into a controlled cadence of status requests and acknowledgements, control checks and responses, checklist verifications and clarifications.  It was the finely tuned controlled chaos the space corps was known for.

“Bridge, this is the captain.” The intercom announced.

“Go ahead, captain.” Commander Johnson switched his attention.

“I would like the latest feed from our intrepid travelers on Shuttle 2.” The captain knew the stress the commander was under.

“Feeding that through to you now, captain.” The commander quickly entered the commands to feed the information to the captain. “Is there anything you would like to request for your meals?  I want to get everything staged up.”

“Now that you mention it,” the captain responded lightly “We would like the lobster for the next meal with a light chardonnay and the Fillet Mignon with a hearty zinfandel after that.”

“Acknowledged,” the commander confirmed “E-Rats meals 5 and 6 are on their way.” He held back a laugh.

“Very well, commander.” The captain went back to business “Get every compartment supplied and the station sealed up.  We have 20 minutes at most.  That thing is still accelerating, so get this station ready for ‘God knows what’.”

“Aye, Sir!” the commander sounded confident but was shaking in his suit.

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