Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What happened to my Asteroid? Section 66:

The Reykjavik looped around and headed back toward Albatross station.  The station itself was shaking with an odd wobble caused by the missing ring section as the thrusters fought to stabilize it.  Shuttle 2 lead the train of craft from the errant asteroids prior location toward the station.  Every ship was actively searching for survivors in the path left by the activated missile and the crippled station.  The ships fanned out to form a search grid for maximum coverage of the area.  This was a normal procedure that all of the pilots and commanders involved needed very little coordination to make it happen.  It was very good that coordination from the station because the station personnel were completely occupied with stabilizing the station and locating those that were missing within it.

“Shuttle 2, this is Reykjavik.” Commander Dunst wanted to synchronize with the other ships.

“Go ahead Reykjavik.” Tim was slowing the shuttle to make it easier for all of the observers to scan the area.

“We will not be able to dock with the station unless they can stabilize it.” The commander sounded worried “And our schedule is getting tight.”

“That much is obvious.” Tim sounded confident “We’ll get a schedule figured out for the transports to handle the remaining cargo.  The real problem is the fuel and oxidizer.”

“We don’t have to fully dock to hook up the hoses.” He was not confident “It is very risky but I think we can get it done.”

“Very well.” Tim was maneuvering the shuttle around toward one of the survivors “We’re going to finish the sweep and dock ourselves.  We’ll contact you when we are ready for the next phase.”

“Alright, we’ll discuss it then.  Reykjavik out.”

“Ok Sam.” Tim rolled the shuttle over to give her a better view and a shorter distance to travel “Get you lasso ready, we’re coming up on a survivor.”

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