Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day 2016

It’s Election Day.
That makes it sound like we have a choice…
We’ve had four asshole presidents in a row and I would really rather it wasn’t five.  That option is not on the ballot. 
Donald Trump earned his nomination by taking on the number one threat to civilization today: Political Correctness.  He is not perfect at it, by any means, but he is the only one doing it.  That’s my kind of asshole.  Thank God for Durex.
The Donald has never abandoned Americans and left them to die.  That makes him more qualified than Hillary.
The Donald has never sold out his country’s security for personal monetary gain.  That makes him more qualified than Hillary.
What The Donald has been accused of, even if true (which I do not believe for a second), is miniscule compared to what Bill Clinton has been proven to have done multiple times, Hillary Clinton not only enabled and covered up but she also attacked Bill’s victims.  Basically that is a choice of the lesser PILE of evils.
Now is the time for all liberty loving, Constitution minded, true American patriots to buck up, set aside our differences, stock up and get in behind The Donald.
It’s going to be messy.
It’s going to stink.
It’s not going to be comfortable.
It will not always go our way.
It’s unlikely to be productive.
We probably don’t want’ all that it’s got.
And when it is done, we might feel somewhat satisfied, but we will definitely feel very sore and very used.
The real problem with that first logo is that it was a bit too much truth in advertising.
Considering the alternative: I don’t think even Durex makes products that can help us with a Hillary presidency and the rash would be the least of it.
That’s why I voted for The Donald.  Otherwise I voted a straight Republican ticket.

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