Tuesday, August 11, 2015

American Exceptional ism, pt. 2

If there is one lesson our society owes humanity to learn from the last century it is:  The intellectual, elitist, snob, bigot, tyrants that proclaim to be the only ones smart enough to run our lives for us, are universally wrong.  They are wrong about everything, every single time.
It can be astounding just how absolutely dead wrong an Ivy League indoctrination can make people.
It can be equally astounding just how arrogant and contemptuous an Ivy League faculty lounge can make people.
But here it is, on parade, in our faces, up in our grill, so to speak.  This is nothing new.  We have been subjected to this for over a century.  For well over a hundred years these intellectual, elitist, snob, bigot, tyrants have been foisting off horrible policies and ideas, after terrible policies and ideas, after just plain wrong headed policies and ideas.
It is about damn time we learn the lesson!
It is not easy.  We can do it.  We are Americans.  We are Exceptional.  We can do anything.
Our founders knew this was the nature of the beast.  As a civilization becomes more affluent, more of the population can dedicate their lives to study, to academic endeavors, to science, and to philosophy.  As more people become more learned they will inevitably think, and then to believe, and then to accept as fact that they have all the answers if they could just control society.  This becomes the downfall of the civilization.  Eventually the intellectual, elitist, snob, bigot, tyrants take to bribing people from the public treasury to buy their loyalty and that is the death knell.  This is the cycle of civilization since before written history.  It is, quite literally, the failed policies of the past.
Our country was founded to be the exception to this rule.  Our country was designed to have a limited government that serves the citizens instead of the historical norm of the peasants serving the government.  Our constitution was created to be shackles on the government to limit the intrusion of bureaucrats and politicians into our lives and limit the opportunities for graft and corruption.  Our founders knew this from studying the ancient texts which documented the cycle of civilization and have many cautionary tales about unfettered government power.
The root cause of virtually every problem in our country today is the government.  Even the problems not originally caused by government are perpetuated and expanded by government, nearly always in the name of “compassion” or “fairness” or some other hollow platitude.
The solution to nearly every problem is actually quite simple.  The solution is uniquely ours and it works when it is followed.  That doesn’t mean we have not made mistakes by following it; in fact we have made three mistakes even when following this plan, one of which was corrected also by following it.  We have two others to correct.
Here is how the solution starts, let me know if you have heard of it before:  “We the people…”
We have to restore the Constitution of the United States of America to be the law of the land.  We need to restore and strengthen the constitutional shackles and put the government back in the box it came in.
It is not easy.  We can do it.  We are Americans.  We are Exceptional.  We can do anything.
A careful analysis of the Holy Bible will show that God only ever had one use for government:  To torture and murder Jesus.  That is an exceptionally important lesson that has been lost.  Actually it wasn’t lost, it has been buried.  It was hidden by the priests who were the only ones allowed to read the text and tell the stories to the peasants.  It was obfuscated because the priests were using government to gain power and they weren’t about to allow anything to curb their power lust.  Today it is outright denied by so-called “progressives” who only live to push others around and cause others grief.  Funny how the “anti-bullying” crowd are some of the worst bullies in the world.  Well, it isn’t exactly “funny”…
The biblical lesson is a bit too subtle for most people so another text was published by Sir Thomas More in 1516 called “Utopia.”  It is doubtful anyone reading this has actually read the book, and guaranteed nobody has read it in the original Latin.  I tried to read the book myself when I was in high school, right after I had to read the book “1984” for my English class, and I couldn’t finish it because it terrified me.  I couldn’t finish “The Shining” for the same reason. 
The book describes the island nation of Utopia, theoretically the perfect place.  It was quite clear to me before the end of the first chapter that Utopia is a prison:  The cruelest, meanest, wickedest, inhuman prison possible.  It turns out it was the model for the penal colony that became the nation of Australia.
How the term “Utopia” entered our lexicon as an ideal world or country, as someplace we should all want to live in, and should all be striving to achieve is beyond me.  The only explanation I can come up with is that “progressives” pervert everything.  Occam’s razor strikes again.  Both “Utopia” and “1984” were written as cautionary tales.  “Progressives” use both books as instruction manuals.  Thus we have the horrible condition of not only our country but the entire world.
We have to learn this lesson too.
It is not easy.  We can do it.  We are Americans.  We are Exceptional.  We can do anything.
America was great because America was good.  America was good because America was free.  As our freedom was eroded, our goodness diminished.  As our goodness diminished our greatness faded.  As our greatness faded our leadership dissolved.  The entire world is suffering from a lack of American leadership.
We have to reclaim our freedom from the intellectual, elitist, snob, bigot, tyrants that stole our freedoms from us.  As our freedom is reclaimed, our goodness will grow.  As our goodness grows, our greatness will flourish.  As our greatness flourishes, our leadership will once again be restored.  We will then be able to lead the world to a much better, much more prosperous, with rising quality of life not just for our own citizens but for all people all over the world.

It will not be easy.  We can do it.  We are Americans.  We are Exceptional.  We can do anything.

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