Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not a one hit wonder

The main stream media, those that covered the event at all, want to convince the public that the Tea Party events of April 15, 2009 were a one time event that can now be forgotten. Never mind that there were over 200 Tea Parties in various cities between Rick Santelli's infamous rant on CNBC in February and April 15th. Never mind that the TEAPartyDay site has over 1000 Tea Parties scheduled through the end of the year. Never mind that several similar organizations that have joined in support for more Tea Parties are popping up everywhere and are growing, rapidly.

Where do I stand on this movement. I have joined the DontGo movement and am co-hosting the Monday DontGo show on BlogTalkRadio with Sherri Reese. My blog and friday night BlogTalkRadio show is part of The Conservative Alliance (duh, most of you are reading it there ... er ... here ... oh, nevermind). I have joined The American Constitution And Capitalism Defense Front. I joined the 9-12 project , although it is simply not a possibility for me to get to DC on 9/12. And I have even gone so far as to contact the organizer of my local Tea Party and asked how I can help. I fully intend to get involved with it, and the one after it too.

Speaking of which my next Tea Party:
Lake Tye Park (also known as Freylands Park)
14964 Fryelands Boulevard
Monroe, WA
April 25, 2009 at 1pm

There will be a flag waving event at the corner of Hwy 2 and Freylands Blvd starting at 12pm with a march to the park at the end of it.

I will have my camera and my camcorder with me along with my sign (see two posts ago). I'm going to work on my camcorder skills and will hopefully have more than 2 minutes of usable video. Wish me luck!

Don't expect any coverage from the mainstream media, they are trying to brush it under the carpet and/or make a mockery of it. That is the greatest indicator that we are on the right track and are being successfull. Look for coverage on alternate media sites. I will post my video to YouTube again and send a link to Pajamas TV (, so hopefully we can get additional segments on it. Of course I will be talking about it on my talk shows too.

Stay tuned and check back here for updates.

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