Sunday, February 8, 2009

My radical vision for the United States

Many people I know think of me as a conservative. While that may have been true in the past, it is true no longer. I am now a revolutionary radical with a wildly different vision for my country than what it is now and where it is going.

I have a vision of a country where people are free from persecution based on skin color, gender, opinion, religeous belief or ancestry. A country where people are free to live their lives as they see fit without tyranical government dictating every aspect of their life. A country where government does not require people to believe in one religion or an approved flavor of it, instead people are free to peacably practice the religeon of their choice, or none at all, without fear of reprisal. A country where all people are equil before the law. A country where government is accountable to the people instead of oppressing them. A country where people with differing views can have a civilized, rational debate without becoming violent. A country where violent criminals are punished and the innocent are protected. A country where neighbors stand up for one another and each other's families and property. A country where achievement, productivity and success are rewarded, where failure and laziness are scorned and mocked. A country where children are taught to work hard, respect themselves and others, learn the lessons of history and how to be enough of a person to withstand any degree of insult.

Sound familliar? Haven't we seen this somewhere before, or at least have read about it from the days of antiquity?

Oh, Yeah, That's where I remember it from. These are the very principles the United States was founded on! Look how far we have deviated from those principles. We have deviated from them to the point where even the very concept of human freedom and human rights is a crazy, radical idea.

Take a look around:

White people are labeled "racist" for the sin of being white. Men are degraded, belittled and discriminated against in every venue including law. People with the "wrong" opinion are violently attacked both verbally and physically. Jews and Christians are persecuted, discriminated against and even killed because of their religion. People of anglo-saxon decent are discriminated against in education, the workforce and the law.

The nanny state dictates all manner of lifestyle including what people can eat, where they can live, what people can do for a living, how much they can earn on the job, where they can smoke if they choose to, what venue of transportation they can use, what they are allowed to take with them when they travel, in fact the government requires proper papers even to be allowed to travel.

The government dictates that all people must ascribe to the religion of socialism or one of it's approved flavors: Communism, Marxism, Global Warming or just plain old socialism. Socialism is a thoroughly discredited economic system that is disasterous every where it has ever been imposed throughout the world and has only succeeded in destroying countries and depriving people of their very humanity. How is it that people could possibly continue to believe socialism will ever be something positive unless it is a religion? The answer is that it has always been a religion masquerading as a political and economic system. And the true believers have been indoctrinating children in the public schools for a very long time. And thus, the big lie is believed.

We were supposed to have a government "of the people, for the people, by the people", but take a look at who is actually running the government. They are all Ivy League elites, noses held high in the air, looking down upon the peasants and lording over them. And just take a good hard look at what happens when a regular person runs for high office or a peasant has the temetry to ask a question of one of the elites running for office. The "little people" that have the audacity to enter the political arena are savaged, their personal lives are scoured for anything the elites don't approve of and published in the media, government officials perform extensive background checks and persecute them for every percieved grievance not to mention printing it on the front page of every newspaper in the country.

And what about that free, honest open debate without becoming violent. That very concept vaporized before I was born. Anyone with an unapproved opinion is visciously attact both verbally and physically, shouted down, their property is trashed, their families are attacked, their businesses are picketed and sometimes even the businesses the patronize are picketed and attacked. Debate in the country has devolved to the point where even the scientific process itself has been corrupted. Currently, the socialists propose a hypothesis, tell us the debate is over, and anyone with any degree of skepticism is shouted down, disparaged and given the "unapproved opinion" treatment. That's not science, that is Stalinism.

Real science requires a healthy dose of skepticism, debate, and duplicate research. Albert Einstien published the theory of relativity and spent the rest of his life honestly trying to disprove his own theory. Even today, 70 some years after it was published it is still called a theory and the debate is not over, even though over70% of the electrical power in Europe is generated using the theory. That is REAL science, not the garbage being heaped upon us now.

Take a good hard look at the "justice" system today. Whatever is happening there, it certainly isn't justice. Violent murderers sit on "death row" for 25 years while countless trials prove again and again that they are guilty, yet the media get their panties in a bunch when the thug is finally executed. Meanwhile corrupt police departments conduct no-knock raids based on annonymous tips and kill or jail innocent people even though no evidence of wrongdoing is ever found. And don't even get me started on people who celebrate murdering their unborn children.

Take a good look at the state of our neighborhoods. Don't get me wrong, there are some pretty good ones out their, I happen to live in a decent one myself. But many, particularly in the inner cities are outright war zones. It is safer for an Israeli with a Star of David on his shirt to walk the streets of Baghdad, and possibly Tehran, than it would be for a white guy to walk the streets of Harlem or the south side of Chicago.

What about the opressive taxation and the welfare state. Productive and successfull people suffer confiscatory tax rates and much of that money is given to those that refuse to work, after each politician along the way gets their cut, of course. The government burden on the economy is insane. Government is the least efficient means of delivering services and yet the government is constantly generating ever more departments and programs with no accountability, no performance evaluation and no means of improving. All the while they are telling us how to live. That is beyond disgusting, it is beyond insane. If somebody can tell me what the word for this attrocity is, I'm all ears.

The condition of our "education" system is atrocious. Schools are teaching less and less, students are not only learning less and less, they are being PREVENTED from learning some things. Much of the curriculum that is taught in public schools is factually inaccurate, has incomplete context established, or are outright fabrications intended to be "sensitive". The athletic departments in most schools actually discourage competition lest sombodies feeeewings get hurt. Children are denied the ability to develop real self esteem through conquering obsticles and are instead being taught that obsticles are bad and that nobody should be allowed to insult them. Beyond that, most schools will turn parents in for "child abuse" if parents apply physical discipline and sometimes even if a child is punished by not being allowed to play their video game. This is not merely a disservice, it should rightly be called psychological warfare against our country.

So where does that leave us? Well I'm not sure about you, but for myself it is no longer enough to be a conservative. I don't want to "conserve" the status quo, and I certainly do not like the direction the country is headed. It is long past time I do more. I must be a radical revolutionary with a vision of a free country. I must fight against the tyrants and their propaganda machine wherever I find them. I must educate my fellow citizens about the real principles our country is really founded on. I must counter the deceptions, distortions and outright lies that are being spread by the politically correct bad guys. And make no mistake, they are bad guys with bad intentions and promoting exceptionally bad ideas.

I may fail, but I will not go down without a fight.


Podipto said...

Well stated! I will join you in being a radical revolutionary!!


Mark Harvey aka Snooper said...

I wonder what was going on the heads and hearts of our Founding Fathers? Perhaps it was similar?